Telling Our Story

The name “O’Caye” literally means “Of the Caye”. Sometime around 2012, my wife, Shelle, and I bought a house on a Caye just off the coast of Belize, Central America. Phonetically, “Caye” is pronounced “key” and a key (Florida), cay (Bahamas), or caye (Central America) is often mistaken for an island. The subtle difference being, an island is a land mass surrounded by water, often created by volcanic or tectonic activity. A caye (no matter how you spell it) is basically large sand deposit on a corral reef.

Okay (or “ok” if you prefer 😉 ), enough sciencing for today. Our house is located on Long Caye (one of several sharing this name), and in 2017, we were going to move to the caye permanently. My employer, however, didn’t want to have any international employees, so we negotiated a deal where I would contract with them for an indefinite amount of time. So, now I’m an independent contractor, and we decided we’d start a new LLC. Thinking of a catchy and clever name was proving difficult, but we finally settled on O’Caye.

Why? Because in old English (Ireland to be more specific), names were given based on where one hailed from or “son of”, etc., and I’d be Jody of the Caye. Another slant of the name ties back to our home in Oklahoma. People from Oklahoma are called “okies”. Because we live in a time of creation and artistic liberties, we ultimately decided on O’Caye LLC because, when said correctly, it sounds a lot like Okie LLC.

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